Friday, February 25, 2011

update 2/25/11

Hello All, 

Just a few updates and reminders. First of all we will be adding a permanent member only class to our spring class schedule. We will be having class at a church gym that is just north of campus. The gym is on the corner of Maryland and Shorewood. When you get to the church make sure that you enter on the east side of the building and not the main church doors as there will be a church service concluding at the time we arrive. Class will start at 8pm. 

Second, I would encourage all of you that have gear to start bringing it to class on Tuesdays as Sensei Kopish will be teaching and I don't know what he is planning on teaching or doing during class. So make sure that you start doing that this coming week. 

Third, we are planning on ordering more uniforms. I still have to do an inventory of what we need but if you want a new or extra uniform please let me or one of the other instructors know so we can ensure that we have a uniform for you. Also if you want any other equipment come and talk to me and we will get you hooked up. Or if you want a free t-shirt get three people to sign up as a member.

Lastly, there is still room for you to go to Vermont for the summer camp. If you want to go you need to send an email saying that you want to go or are interested and we will get you all the information that you need. 

Mr. Taddey

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Newsletter

Social Gathering: We will be holding a social gathering on February 5th, starting at 9:00 PM. It will take place at Nate and Mr. Olsen's house, located at 2424 N. Fredrick Ave. This is sort of a welcome back party, so new, old, and prospective members are encourage to attend. Bring friends; the more the merrier. Please be courteous to the hosts, offering to pay for beer or bringing your own if you come with a lot of friends.

Renewal Fees Due: Renewal Fees are due in by Friday, February 12th. That's less than two weeks away. The renewal fee is only $25 and covers tuition for the semester. We use this money to accomplish things as an organization, and since we're working to pay off some debts at the moment, we need this donation more than ever. Please deliver your money to one of the officers or instructors. They should have paperwork for you to fill out. If you don't have a new handbook, you can get one at that time. If you fail to turn in your membership renewal fee by the deadline, you can still come to class, but you will not be accredited. We are looking to hold a larger testing this year, so we want to encourage as many members to get that money is now so that you have the best chance of being ready at the end of the semester.

Bowling Night: In the past, we have somewhat neglected our large body of members that opt not to drink. We will be holding an event for just such individuals located at the Student Union bowling lanes. It's free bowling on Fridays, so there's little reasons not to come! I think you have to pay like two bucks for shoes, or something, but that's it. You need to be there on time, however, to get a lane. We will start gathering a little before 9:00 PM. Please wear your T-shirts for easy recognition by new members.

Movie Night: We are looking to hold a movie night on March 18th. The details are still being pounded out, but keep that day open. We hope to watch some sweet martial arts movies.

A Little About Master Olds: I was recently interviewed by a taekwondo reporter, and may appear in the korean newspaper. The article has to do with me attending a masters' poomsae conference in korea, but may focus on my unique position as one of the only american ever to teach abroad in Korea.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Class Cancelation

Hello Fellowship,

Due to the blizzard that has cause classes to be cancelled tomorrow, Wednesday February 2, 2011, we will not be having Taekwondo do practice. We will let you know as soon as we have more class times. 

Have a safe and fun snow day and I will see all of you at the next scheduled practice.

Mr. Taddey