Sunday, March 20, 2011

update 3/20/11

Happy spring break everyone, hope all of you will have a great time away from school. Just a few quick things to keep in mind over break.

First of all I assume everyone has heard about Japan by now, so I wont go into everything that happened. In order to help out the people of Japan, Rising Phoenix will be participating with other organizations on campus in a penny war. If you don't know what a penny war is, it is very simple. We want to collect as many pennies as we can to get us points. All silver coins and dollar bills count as negative points. So we want as many positive points as possible. So what we need to do is collect all of your pennies, parents, grandparents, friends or just go to the bank and get rolls of pennies. You can bring these pennies to me at class or drop them off in our jar in the union yourself. Also, you can bring silver coins or dollar bills to put in other orgs jars to bring their points down. This will be taking place the week after spring break. There will be people of the 1st floor of the union from 2:30-4 pm on March 28-31st. If you bring coins to practice on Monday the 28th or Tuesday the 29th I will deposit all of those coins into our jar on Thursday. Otherwise, like I said you can do it on your own throughout the week during the specified times. Lets show the rest of the orgs on campus that we are the most BA by winning this little competition and at the same time helping a country that has had a very large influence on martial arts. I have attached a flier with this info as well. 

Second, make sure that Tuesday classes you have all of your sparring gear. If you do not own sparring gear or are missing any talk to me, email, text, phone call, in person, or how ever and I will help you to make sure that you get gear. After spring break I will not be bringing gear for people to borrow unless you have ordered gear and it has not been shipped to you. 

Testing will be help on May 1st. Make sure if you are planning on testing that you continue to come to class as well as working on all of your techniques outside of class. 

Lastly, there is still room for the summer camp in Vermont. This will be an amazing opportunity to train in nature for a week with Master Olds. Also, we may be stopping in Ohio to visit and possible train with Grandmaster Kwon. Even if you are just considering going please come and talk to me. Also talk to Mr. Arnold, Mr. Olsen, and Sara about their experience last year. 

Have a great spring break and I will see all of you when we come back to practice,

Mr. Taddey

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Newsletter

New Membership Practice
We will be holding a new membership practice at a nearby church, just north of campus, on the corner of Maryland and Shorewood. (This is within walking distance.) Practice will begin at 8:00 PM on Mondays. Please bring your sparring gear. Sensei Kopish will be running class. Oh, and when you get to the church, please enter via the side door, located on the east of the building. A service will be letting out about the same time that we will be arriving.

We are looking to order new uniforms. If you're thinking about getting a new uniform, or any apparel for that matter, please speak with an instructor in the coming weeks so we can get things together.

Movie Night
We are stilling planning to hold a movie night on the 18th, around 9:00 PM. Please keep that date free. It is a Friday. We will announce the details via email soon.

We are still looking to fill slot for the Vermont trip, as well as pledges to drive. We will likely be stopping in Ohio for a seminar and dinner with various Grandmaster and Masters; aside from the dinner, lodging and gas will be covered in the enrollment fee. This again is $350, or $250 if you signed up last semester. It will cover everything for the entire week of training.