Monday, October 31, 2011

update 10/31/11

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know when classes are coming up. We have class tomorrow, Tuesday November 1st at 7pm in Union 345b&c as well as Friday in Klotche 110 at 6pm as usual. 

Also a reminder to sign up for the seminar on November 11th at 6:30pm. If you are not a fan of our facebook page please respond to this email or send another one saying you will be attending. Or become a fan of our facebook page and you can say your attending on there. 

Mr. Taddey

Monday, October 24, 2011

update 10/24/11

Good afternoon everyone,

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather we have had the last few days. Just a few reminders for the week. If you told us you would be at the Sandberg Channel demo on Tuesday (tomorrow) make sure you are there at 5:30 pm as the demo/class will be starting at 6pm. Make sure to come in or bring your uniform as well as your confidence to talk to the people that come to see us and look for more information about the club. We will also be having class Friday at 6pm in Klotche 110. Again bring your sparring gear, if you have some, we may be sparring so be prepared by having all of your gear. If you do not own gear that is ok, you can still come to class and work with the black belts.

We will be having a seminar on November 11th in Union 181. This will not be a physical seminar, it will be a sit down, listen, take notes, and ask questions. The speaker will be talking about and explaining the confusing laws that talk about self-defense. This is an extremely good seminar and you will learn so much. I have done this seminar twice already and both times I learned or retained something new and of course there are always new questions that come up. Now if I remember correct the first time I attended this seminar I paid $60 and the second time was $30-40. But I know that is hard for us college students so I worked out with the speaker that we would only charge $10 for all current and past members of the club. So yes, if you have graduated or transferred to another school you can still attend and get the cheaper rate. I encourage everyone past and present to attend this awesome seminar. I promise you will learn valuable information about defending yourself, others, and property.

If you have never been a member of Rising Phoenix you are still able to attend the seminar for $15. So invite friends or people from other martial arts clubs on campus or people from other schools that you may attend or started training at. 

There will be a fb event that you can RSVP if you will be coming or not, that will be up very soon so you can respond and invite other people to come.

See all of you this week or very soon,

Mr. Taddey

Sunday, October 16, 2011

update 10/16/11

Hello all,

Just wanted to inform you on class times this week. We have Tuesday at 7pm in Union 345b&c and Friday at 6pm in Klotche 110. From now on make sure, if you have sparring gear, that you start bringing it to the Klotche practices. Sensei Kopish will be coming to some of these practices and wants to work on sparring. If you are missing any gear or want to get gear please come and talk to me and I can help you out.

If you have not renewed by the deadline of this past Friday make sure you do that at your next class.

Tuesday October 25th we will be doing a demonstration in the Sandburg Channel, at night, and need to know how many guest passes we will need so let us know asap if you would like to be there and support your school.

Lastly, we are bringing in a guest speaker on November 11th to talk about the laws behind self-defense. This is a very good seminar that I have attended to previous times and have learned something both times. The speaker is a master in escrima, retired police officer, former swat training, expert witness and many other credentials that he will tell you on that night. More information will be out very soon.

Mr. Taddey

Monday, October 3, 2011

Update 10/3/11

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to update all of you about practice this week. We will be having practice on Tuesday Oct 4th at 7 p.m. in the Union Ballroom West. Our 2nd practice this week will be on Friday Oct. 7th at 6 p.m. in the padded room (Klotche 110). 

This is also a very important semester for us. We are putting a lot of effort  into getting new students. So one thing we would like to do for all of the current students is to try and have you bring in or refer new students to the club. From my past experience with teaching at other schools, this is the best way to get new students. So what we are going to do for you is give you a little gift. For every 2 people that you refer to the club and they enroll you get a new t-shirt or equal value off of a new uniform or testing. If you refer 4 people in and they do not enroll, but they came to a practice, you will receive a t-shirt or equal value off of a uniform or testing. 

Also, renewals will be due next Friday Oct. 14th. So make sure between now and then you come and see me to get a renewal form. Remember the sooner you renew the sooner your attendance towards testing starts to get counted. 

Lastly if you see any giant phoenix's around campus that is thanks to our very own Mr. Martin (aka Duncan) for making us a 6 foot by 6 foot stencil that we can use spray chalk to chalk around campus. 

Mr. Taddey