Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update 3/25/12

Hello everyone,

I hope that everyone had a good spring break, for those of you that had one. Even if you didn't I'm sure you got to enjoy some of the nice weather, which may not be as nice this coming week or so I've been told.

For classes, we are back on schedule for Monday and Wednesday in Zelazo 378 at 8pm. Wednesday we will be sparring. If you have gear please bring it to class. If you do not have gear you are still welcome to come and work on drills with the high belts.

If you have not responded to Master Olds email about the summer camp make sure you do that as soon as possible. Even if you are not sure yet please email him so he knows you are interested and tell him the situation. If you are going or are planning on going talk with me as well because we need to figure out how everyone wants to get to Vermont. Either flying or driving. If flying it would probably be better to book something sooner and possibly try for a group rate or something. If people want to drive we need to figure out cars and everything that goes with that. So please email Master Olds and contact me some how to let me know how you prefer to get to Vermont.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

update 3/11/12

I hope everyone is enjoying this crazy weather we are having. I think it is still March but it sure doesn't seem like it outside. 

This coming week we will have class again on Monday and Wednesday in Zelazo room 378 at 8pm. On Wednesday please bring your sparring gear if you have it, we will be sparring and doing sparring drills. If you do not own gear, please still come to class, I will bring some of the clubs extra gear for you to borrow. If you are new to sparring or haven't sparred in a while, no worries I will go over the rules with everyone. Also, we can pair you with one of the higher ranks if you have never sparred so they can work with you more to make you comfortable and keep it safe, and most of all have fun. We are a fellowship and in no way try to harm one another. 

Just a reminder that during spring break, which is not this week but the following, there will be no classes. Make sure to stretch and practice over your break from school. There is never a break from martial arts. Even if you just stretch or work on simple techniques or read a book about martial arts. It is a life long journey. 

Lastly, many of you did not attend last week and did not get your renewal fees in by the dead line. Make sure you get that taken care of this week. 

See you all on Monday,

Mr. Taddey