Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Martial Arts in the Park

Seonok and I will be teaching some group lessons at the park in Circle C located at Tiger Lily Way and Scottish Thistle Dr.  These lesson will be very informal.  All ages and abilities welcome.  You can find out more about this special offer on our Facebook page, which goes by the same name as the title of this post.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Coming Soon!

Rising Phoenix Martial Arts, LLC is coming to Kyle, TX!  Give us a call to preregister!  Do so in the next two months to save 40% on tuition!  Our upcoming facility is located at 402 South Old Highway 81 in what was once the Arrowhead Cafe.  We have great plans for a beautiful renovation that merges the historic charm with clean lines and modern innovation.  Drive by to see this gem, as we say, "rise out of the ashes of its former self" and emerge as a taekwondo dojang unlike any other! :D

Clarification of Older Posts and Pages

This blog and website were the former homes of my collegiate martial arts program: Rising Phoenix Taekwondo Fellowship.  While I hope to rekindle this college program under our new name at various universities around Austin, TX, older posts reference this time and have become temporarily irrelevant.  As your peruse the website, you might find similar vestigial information. Please be patient with me as I slowly work to update the entire experience.

-Master John